Time Out is opening a mega market in London

16. Juillet 2015 à 08h34, catégorie : G?n?ral

Hey London, sit down, we've got some news. Exciting news. We're going to open our very own market in London town. If you've ever been to Lisbon, you may well have visited the brilliant Time Out Mercado de Ribeira market hall which is packed full of the city's best food shops, restaurants and cultural hot spots. It's pretty much got the best of Lisbon all in one tasty spot. Well soon (okay not that soon, in 2017, but still...), London will be getting its very own Time Out Market, packed to the rafters with the city's best food, booze, arts and cool cultural shenanigans. It's going to be epic. New York will also be getting a Time Out Market, but not until 2018 (hah ? we win).Friend Link: New Beats Studio,

This good-looking gorilla is making women hot under the collar

16. Juillet 2015 à 08h32, catégorie : G?n?ral

n Nagoya, the local Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Garden has women flocking to its doors to ogle at a?. gorilla. Heralded as an exceedingly good-looking specimen with a fine jaw and big muscles, Shabani the gorilla attracts many fans who have regularly been posting photos and updates tagged #ikemen (good-looking guy) or #shabani online since March, after a visitor posted a photo of him on social media. Born in the Netherlands and raised in Australia, the 18-year old silverback has two wives and two children, and apparently isn?t very impressed by all the attention. In the words of Takayushi Ishikawa, a spokesperson for the zoo: ?He seems to have noticed his new popularity, but he?s kept it very cool.?

Interested in checking Shabani out for yourself? The Higashiyama Zoo is open Tue-Sun 9am-4.50pm. For contact details and how to get there, check out their website.Friend Link: Beats By Dre Headphones Online

Channing Tatum on Ho Hos, hustling and getting into shape for ?Magic Mike XXL

16. Juillet 2015 à 08h31, catégorie : G?n?ral

When he was 19, after dropping out of university, Channing Tatum worked as a stripper. He made anywhere between 50 and 100 bucks a night in one-dollar bills stuffed into his thong. You can watch him on YouTube ? he strips down to his pants but keeps his socks on, like someone?s little brother practising in his bedroom. This was in the late ?90s; after a year, he quit to work as a clothes-on hip hop dancer and in 2006 landed his big Hollywood break in the dance film ?Step Up?.

Stripping should be a black mark on Tatum?s CV, along with modelling for Pepsi and Abercrombie & Fitch. But in 2012, he turned his seedy past into a slicker-than-life blockbuster, producing and starring in male-stripper comedy-drama ?Magic Mike?, and reportedly pocketing million when it went supernova.

He?s smarter than he looks: that?s what everyone says about Channing Tatum. Which I?ve always thought is a bit mean. But then, Tatum has himself taken the piss out of his high-fiving, sideways-basketball-cap, everything-is-awesome image. In ?21 Jump Street? he?s the cop so thick he can?t remember the Miranda rights (?You?ve got the right to remain, um??). But being a dumbass doesn?t get you the kind of winning streak Tatum has enjoyed: becoming one of the few actors to make three 0 million movies in a row (?Magic Mike?, ?The Vow?, ?21 Jump Street?) followed by rave reviews and Oscar buzz for ?Foxcatcher?. Now comes ?Magic Mike XXL?, a sequel that takes the baby-oiled team of chiselled man-flesh on the road to a stripper convention in Florida for one last blowout performance.

In person, Tatum?s looks are as ridiculous as they are on screen. The LA hotel room where he?s doing interviews has had the bed removed. My theory is that someone was worried a lady journalist would fling herself at Tatum and wrestle him on to it. If Michelangelo were alive, he would be sculpting Tatum instead of David. (Or maybe co-star Joe Manganiello, who I?ve just spotted in the corridor gallantly carrying his make-up woman?s bag.) Neck like a wrestler?s, jaw like a mountain range ? we just don?t make them like Channing Tatum here. He?s very polite too, all bro-charm and good manners.

You were on a no-booze, no-junk-food diet making ?Magic Mike XXL?. Was that tough for you? Or are you a my-body-is-a-temple kind of guy?
?Are you kidding? I have one enormous ab right now and it?s not even hard. I love food and I love indulging. My wife craves healthy food. I?m the complete opposite. I grew up down South, eating Cheetos and Ho Hos. Do you get Ho Hos in England? Little cake things. Processed, sugary, salted food. That?s what I grew up on. And I was a skinny kid. Then you hit a certain age, you start drinking beer and now it?s really easy to put it on. And you can?t fake it in ?Magic Mike?. Usually on screen, if you?re butt-naked, [all you?re doing is] walking from the bed to the shower, so you can hold it all in.?Friend Link: Beats By Dre Headphones Sale

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